Planning Connected Cities

The Founders

A leader in analytical evidence-based planning, tackling the myriad facets of urban complexity. Dr. Lerman is a geographer specializing in the connection between the built environment and urban mobility. Dr. Lerman has published several papers in international academic journals on urban planning, transport planning and space syntax. In addition, he taught urban planning at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Ben Gurion University of the Negev.  

A licensed architect with an MSc in city and transport planning (UCL, London). An expert in urban revival and analysis of urban mobility networks.

Arch. Lebendiger deals with leading master plans for urban regeneration in several Israeli municipalities as well as studies of metropolitan transportation and its impact on city performance. 

Planet specializes in spatial analysis for urban and transport planning. Our main expertise lies in SPA - Spatial Potential Analysis. Our insights are based on advanced models and support optimal decision making. We deal with all facets of urban development and apply SPA approach for locating various land uses such as employment, commerce and public buildings in order to allow for enduring prosperity.


We develop advance digital models which allow for mapping and identifying of the accessibility degree of each and every location down to a single street segment. Our methods enable exploring future plans in existing and planned area and help reflecting accessibility changes in the most optimal way for policy makers.


Many planning decisions are being made on intuition only and have difficulties in addressing the urban complexity, that includes various needs and multiple transport means. SPA of the urban network allows for a firm basis for policy making.


Progressive planning which takes into account the urban complexity brings forth enduring success - prospering urbanity that can rejuvenate on its own.

Arch. Yonatan Lebendiger
Dr. Yoav Lerman


01 / Urban policy & management 
02 / Urban Mobility
03 / Urban Revival
  • Urban growth planning

  • Transport investments

  • Employment & Development

  • Pedestrian modelling

  • Walkability and safety

  • cycling corridors

  • Railway station redevelopment

  • Regeneration impact analysis

  • Steering Mixed use potential

  • Utilizing spatial potential